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GUESS Summer 2014 Collection Presentation

You know what they say – if you want something badly enough, visualize. Luckily for me I didn’t have to do much to visualize about summer and the promise of warm weather. Why? I attended the GUESS Summer 2014 Collection Presentation last week to preview what the brand will have in stores later this year. The collection had a cool, carefree and relaxed feel to it – which isn’t a far departure from the brand’s regular collections. It had me thinking of the beach and summer (of course). And while the collection’s focus was primarily with clothing, I couldn’t help but notice a bag that was hanging off one of the mannequins…. Tell me this isn’t cute (even if you do – I still want it!) GUESS will have you summer- ready in a few months as this collection will start to roll out starting May 2014. Hopefully this was enough to keep give you warm and happy thoughts for the rest of the day! Stay warm friends!