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It’s only Madonna ….W.E.

So last week, my second TIFF day resulted in me waiting to get some pictures of Madonna for my portfolio! Mind you now, these pictures are not a result of me being celeb-crazy! I have a rationale and I intend to explain it! Last year when I started taking pictures for TIFF I did it because: a) These celebrities are well…celebrities. I thought if I could get some great shots of them, or catch them in candid moments those pictures would be a great addition to my photography portfolio b) Secondly, I want to expand my photography skills beyond fashion and scenery. Taking pictures of celebrities gives me people practice (in terms of taking pictures)   Really and truly…I’m not a HUGE Madonna fan. I just knew that it would be great exposure for my photography if I took pictures of her during TIFF, and that’s that! Enjoy!!

TIFF Day 2 (Day 1 for me) – We’ve got Brad and Angie, George, Ryan, Evan…

Yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival it was a jam-packed star studded night! After waiting around with the masses to catch a glimpse of some of the celebs that were expected that night (who am I kidding – George Clooney is who I was waiting for!), I got more than I bargained for when I got pictures of almost all the stars! So, to say the least, I was seeing stars. The pictures in the slideshow, if you haven’t already gone through them, include Brad and Angelina, Jonah Hill, Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Bono, George Clooney, Stacey Keibler’s legs and a few more celebs (some …who I’ll be honest have no idea who they are!)