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It’s only Madonna ….W.E.

So last week, my second TIFF day resulted in me waiting to get some pictures of Madonna for my portfolio! Mind you now, these pictures are not a result of me being celeb-crazy! I have a rationale and I intend to explain it! Last year when I started taking pictures for TIFF I did it because: a) These celebrities are well…celebrities. I thought if I could get some great shots of them, or catch them in candid moments those pictures would be a great addition to my photography portfolio b) Secondly, I want to expand my photography skills beyond fashion and scenery. Taking pictures of celebrities gives me people practice (in terms of taking pictures)   Really and truly…I’m not a HUGE Madonna fan. I just knew that it would be great exposure for my photography if I took pictures of her during TIFF, and that’s that! Enjoy!!