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Haute Note! – TopShop is coming across the pond!!

Today it was revealed that The Bay would be introducing none other than TOPSHOP & TOPMAN to Canada! One of their Toronto locations will be the lucky department store to host the first Topshop location coming this Fall!

This is such exciting news! The launch is sure to drive people crazy! And it will most likely be one of the most anticipated fashion events to happen to Toronto since….Lanvin did a collabo H&M?

Although one of the allures of going to England for me (other than visiting my family of course) was to go to a Topshop store, since I couldn’t really find it here (other than at Jonathan & Olivia [49 OSSINGTON AVENUE]). But now that they are coming here…..I think England can wait a litttttle longer (but not too long!)!

This is extremely exciting news! I can’t wait to see what they plan on doing for the official launch! I will definitely stay tuned to see what happens with this fashion event 🙂

Check out their website to see what you can look forward to!

Pictures: (Top) Topshop – Myfashionlife.com, (Bottom) The Bay Shopping bags – canadiandesignresource.ca

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