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Hope in Purple Heels (and other footwear)…

I love food. I love fashion. And I love a good time! 😉

And when those three elements are brought together for a good cause (namely fundraising)…I never say no!

I ventured up to Upper Canada Mall on Sat. Oct.1st to for the Hope in Purple Heels event in support of Belinda’s Place – the first homeless shelter for single women in York Region.

…I was a little sad though, because:
a) I don’t own a pair of Purple Heels and
b) I wasn’t able to find a pair in time! 😦

But regardless I went! And I’m glad I did!

The event started out with a catered cocktail hour…and let me tell you..the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I was the one that kept heading back to the table with the pasta in a little spoon and the wok with the shrimp! Guilty!
Hope In Purple Heels, Upper Canada Mall, Charity, Newmarket OntarioHope In Purple Heels, Upper Canada Mall, Charity, Newmarket Ontario
After stuffing my face…I mean…eating and chatting it up with other attendees, we were then asked to head downstairs where the fashion show would be held! The show featured clothing and accessories from retailers in UCM.
Hope In Purple Heels, Upper Canada Mall, Charity, Newmarket Ontario, Dina Pugliese, CityTV, Breakfast Television, BT Toronto, Liv Judd, LouLou Magazine, Fashion editor, Fashion event
Also worth mentioning….(sorry I didn’t before)….the event was hosted by the lovely Dina Pugliese, host of CityTv’s Breakfast Television, and throughout the night she was joined on stage by Chairman Bill Fisch, Mayor Tony Van Bynen and others, and finally her co-host for the fashion show, the stylish, Liv Judd, LouLou Magazine Toronto Marketing Editor.

For the fashion show, clothing was provided by Guess, H&M, Laura, Rudsak, The Bay, Victoria’s Secret, Danier Leather, Banana Republic,….just to name a few.

And designer Simon Chang, (who has a store in the shopping centre) was also on hand to open the fashion show with his own designs, as well as end the show with his designs! Fabulous!

The event overall raised $50,000 (!!!) …so a huge congrats to the organizers :), and everyone that helped in making the evening a success! Which it was!!

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