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The Other Bag…(never leaves my side)

I am a self-confessed bag lady.

I’m not ashamed…not one bit! Usually you’ll see me trek into the office or to an event with my main purse & a tote in tow. And usually my tote is packed with notebooks, papers, and sometimes a laptop or iPad.

I have many places to be and precious little time to stop in between. So everything and I mean everything needs to come with me.

When people ask me what I carry in my bags I simply say “my life“!

I came across this tote with a purpose via twitter last night – The Other Bag by ALDO

This tote looks great & will help me avoid having my main bag weigh a ton (plus some)!  And with a cheeky name like “The Other Bag” what’s not to love(not to worry – I wouldn’t consider this cheating on your main purse!)?

     (Image via:

One tote, three cute designs.

Save the laptop, reading material, SLR camera, and your pair of flats for this tote and save your “main purse” for your other necessities (wallet, makeup, phone, iPod etc).

I think I’ll be buying the butterfly print.

(Image via:


Bag it, buy it.

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