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Currently Wearing…the Blues

Today was an interesting day. I woke up way too early and my thoughts immediately turned to “What will I wear today?”. I’m not one to plan my outfits ahead of time (unless absolutely necessary). I like to wake up, determine my mood and go from there. And although the title of this post speaks of “The Blues” that’s quite the opposite of how I was feeling!

I decided since the sun was shining I would take advantage of that and wear a flowy pleated skirt (from Old Navy) and a top in a bright colour (from Zara). This skirt actually used to be floor length, until I introduced it to a pair of scissors. It was an impulse DIY project from last week.

I kept my accessories simple with a variation of stud earrings from Forever 21, continued my arm party with a new addition from Brandy Melville and you’ll never find me not wearing a watch!

Hope everyone enjoyed this sorta-Spring-like day!




  1. I love the new length of the skirt….although I did not see the full length….and the sunglasses, the arm candy…ooh lalala. Love reading your blogs Elana! They are right up there with the fashion from Europe (where I live). Valerie Denyse


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