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Cityscape – Toronto

You never truly appreciate something unless you take the time to do so. Yesterday I decided to be a “Tourist In My Own City” and explore downtown Toronto.

Sure, it was was the second-last day of my “staycation” but I wouldn’t have spent it any other way!


To make a long story short (because it was an 8 hour day) here’s the route I took:

Started at: Yonge/College

Headed to: Yonge/Dundas (had breakfast at Pickle Barrel)

Walked down to: Queen St.

Walked past: University Avenue (made a pit stop here for a while as it was getting extremely hot. Love the Starbucks location at Queen and John – great for people watching and working! They have outlets here so I was able to charge my phone and indulge in my favourite drink – a Passion Tea Lemonade)

Taxi’d back up to: Yonge/College for lunch at W Burger Bar, loved the grilled chicken burger with house salad!

Walked north to: Yonge/Bloor, looking for another Starbucks to get another drink and relax. But alas I forgot that Starbucks started their Happy Hour Promotion and each location was packed! Had to pass on the Frappuccino 😦

Explored: Yorkville, sat under the trees in the courtyard across from the restaurant Sassafraz

Walked south to: Yonge/College, stopped by Second Cup, got my Italian Soda (flavored with Passion Fruit & Lime)…

…and that was the end of my day! I tried my best not to shop (I’m trying this little thing called “shop my own closet”) – but I ended up purchasing a few items throughout the day. Had a few great meals (who knew Pickle Barrel had $6 breakfasts??), and discovered a few new areas!

I was also tempted to try and rent a Bixi bike – but to be honest, I’m not that comfortable riding a bike downtown! But I do want to try it at least once this summer!!


I’ve only been back in Ontario for about 7 years now and I still have a lot that I want to see and explore! At the same time I’ve also seen and done a lot since I’ve been back!

Now I have to plan my next “Tourist in the City” date and I think I will be heading towards Kensington Market!


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