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Currently Wearing – A Touch Of Tweed


Jacket & Shoes – J.Crew; Necklace – Banana Republic; Shirt – Suzy Shier; Khakis – GAP; Watch – Swatch (vintage); Earrings – Honey

I feel like I need more structured pieces in my wardrobe. The older (yes I’m bring up the subject of age) I get, the more my tastes change. That’s expected right? Flow-y fabrics are fun, but not necessarily for an office environment. Although it does depend on how these types of fabrics are worn and what they are paired with.

This particular outfit was worn on a Friday when things get a little more casual. Regardless, I still like to keep my outfits looking professional and that’s where my J.Crew tweed jacket comes in handy! I don’t particularly like wearing jeans, I prefer Khakis or Chinos (which are basically the same thing).

The only thing I worry about with pieces like this jacket is – how do I clean it properly without spending money sending it to the dry cleaners? Or maybe I should just avoid trying to clean it myself altogether?

Anyways…I’m pretty sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of this little jacket! But in the meantime, I’m going to search for some more pieces to add to my office wardrobe! Wish me luck!

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