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Currently Wishing For…Danier Tote

So it has been a while since I’ve bought a bag. So long in fact that I can’t remember the last bag that I bought! But as I was recently browsing through the Danier website a certain bag caught my eye, and it won’t let go! Not that I want it to 😉

Here is the lovely bag that I’m currently after:

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It has a classic and chic design that would make it a great everyday tote to carry around. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to carry this to a dinner date should I need to!

Danier has a great selection of bags, handbags, purses and totes! Perfect for the bag-lover on your holiday list!


  1. I have a special obsession with classic leather totes and they often end up on my “Bag Love – My Guilty Pleasure” Pinterest board. Your Danier tote choice is similar to one I recently fell in love with (and secretly purchased – sshhhh). It’s a bit larger, the tan leather is buttery soft, and the lining is fun – It’s made in England, but arrived on my Toronto doorstep only 2 days after I ordered it on Etsy from The Leather Store, an independent label in the UK created by Beckie Sims who shares my love of handbags. Ten years ago I was waiting in an airport and spotted a similar tote by the feet of another passenger. I stealthily took a couple of photos and have been on the hunt since. I believe I just may have found my perfect bag!


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