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Red Haute in Henkaa

After watching the Golden Globe Awards the other night (along with masses), I was happy to see red as a feature colour on the red carpet. 

With celebs like Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and more donning the fiery hue, it was interesting to see how they all wore the colour and the different ways in which they did so.



Recently I was introduced the brand Henkaa and was gifted one of their gorgeous dresses to try and style myself. I just happened to choose none other than the colour red (it’s a popular colour in my wardrobe). Here’s the thing about Henkaa convertible dresses, they can be styled in over 80 different ways. Henkaa offers video tutorials on their site just in case you need a little assistance along the way. But you might feel inclined to create your own styles!

Here are the 3 ways that I styled my Sakura Ruby Red Midi Henkaa Convertible Dress:




Remember to have fun when you are styling your dress! There are so many styles for so many occassions! Enjoy!

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