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World MasterCard Fashion Week – Fall 2014 Shows


I’ve been attending World MasterCard Fashion Week for over four years now (yes, that’s me in the illustration) and have been covering it for my blog for just about the same amount of time.

However, I feel that every season I am not nearly as prepared as I could be. Whether it’s needing an extra charger for my phone or remembering to pack some gum or mints (you’ll be talking to a lot of people), or even trying to remember to bring along a notebook, I always feel that there is something that I am missing!

But this season I am determined! So, I have put together a little preview of my fashion week essentials.

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Now, there is a reason that I featured each of the following items. I always say that I carry “my life” in my bag – well now you know exactly what I mean.

1. A watch

A girl can’t always rely on her smartphone to tell the time! It’s always a great little accessory to have with you and there are so many fun styles!

Featured: O clock watch

2. A smartphone

This one is pretty obvious (or at least I would hope so!). There are so many reasons why you should always remember your smartphone. One reason – interact with your fellow fashion week attendees & designers via social media.

Featured: iPhone

3. A water bottle

Now you don’t necessarily have to bring this along with you. You can always pick up a bottle from wherever, but think about all the talking you’ll be doing for about 5-6 hours…catching up with old fashion week friends, meeting new ones…you get the point. I like this bottle because I can bring it with me anywhere and it has a cute design which helps!

Also – drinking water is a great way to keep yourself looking refreshed and feeling good during the long week!

Featured: bkr water bottle via Blossom Lounge

4. A lipstick

I love wearing bold colour lipsticks and throughout the day I like to just do a little touch up. So I always keep the colour du jour in my purse ready to go when I need it.

5. A pair of flats

Let’s be honest. You’ve probably bought a few pairs of new shoes for fashion week. They were oh-so-perfect for that outfit you planned to wear on day three. If you haven’t broken them in already…what are you waiting for?! I like (if possible, depends on what bag I carry) to bring a pair of flats with me.

I have been searching for this leopard pair of slip-ons from Steve Madden for months now. I was finally able to find my size in the style I wanted.

Featured: ECENTRIC in Leopard from Steve Madden

6. A Portable Phone/Device Charger

During fashion week my fingers feel like they are running a marathon. My phone is attached to my hand and I rarely put it down. So, the battery can go quite quickly depending on how much I use it in a day. That’s why I found a portable charger that can not only charge my iPhone but my iPad too! All you need is the cord that charges your tablet or smartphone plug it in and it charges your device. So handy!!


7. Notebook & Pen

I’m so old-school. I know we live in a digital-world, but I love to have a notebook and pen with me at all times. Even if I don’t always use it, it’s something handy to have!

Featured: Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook from Indigo 

Tomorrow is the start of World MasterCard Fashion Week and I’m so looking forward to it! See you during the week!

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