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#Blossomxbkr Beauty Water Challenge

If you know me….you know that I am always up for a challenge. Maybe it’s that same competitive spirit that has had me playing soccer for almost 18 years now (relax…I’m only 25 – you do the math). 

In any case, I was happy to partake in the Blossom Lounge #blossomxbkr Beauty Water Challenge. It was a month long challenge to drink 500ml five times a day. Now, in the first week, I found it extremely challenging to drink that much water in a day. So, I had to start slow and build up my water-intake (sounds kind of medical lol).



I can honestly say that I now travel pretty much everywhere with my bkr bottle. From work, to social events, to soccer, it’s always in my bag. I event brought it to fashion week and named it one of my must-have essentials! 




In the mornings, my routine now includes filling up my bkr bottle before I head out the door. Before I leave work I do the same thing. And it’s funny, at work we have a very well stocked fridge, however I can now happily say that I always go for a glass water over anything else (even juice).

Now I know and I have heard that too much water is not necessarily a good thing, but everything in moderation.

I have ended this challenge feeling more energetic and healthier. Who knew the wonders water could work? 

20140416-102051.jpg20140416-150812.jpgMy no-makeup selfies

Thank you again Blossom Lounge and bkr for having me as part of the March Challenge! 

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