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[Captured on Camera] Toronto’s Beautiful Architecture (Well Some of It..)

Toronto really is a beautiful city. I think that I’ve always known that…but it’s all in how you look at things I suppose.

I’m pretty sure if we all stopped and looked up (from our electronic devices) every once in a while we could all see the beauty that’s literally right in front of our faces. I mean, come on. That news feed isn’t going anywhere. Let’s be honest. You know you’ll just end up creeping accounts later.


The other day while I was strolling (yes strolling) downtown, I noticed a man sitting in front of the AGO (which I STILL have yet to visit) sketching.

At first I had no idea what he was doing, but I stopped because I was curious. Once I saw that he was illustrating buildings I turned to look behind me. And it turned out to be nothing more than a few houses across the street. Or so I thought. I think the lesson I learned that day was that there is beauty in simplicity. You just have to be able to see it. And luckily I was able to capture that beauty in a photograph.

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Since that day I’ve been thinking…what’s stopping me from wandering around the city taking photos? I remember that there used to be a ton of Toronto Photo meetup groups. I wonder what ever happened to them? I would love to find one. But I may just spend time once a month getting reintroduced to my city and taking photos around the city on my own.

Oh! The other photos below were taken a few days later. All it takes is one thing to get my inspiration going!

Photos: For those who want to know – all photos were taken with my Samsung S5 Camera (which I am becoming more and more impressed with each and every time I use it). I also used VSCO Cam to edit my photos.

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All photos taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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