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My Wax Experience at Smooth Wax Bar in Liberty Village

The thought of waxing always seemed to make me cringe (just a little bit mind you)! And yet I still go ahead with the whole thing. But it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience – and I learned that after my recent visit to Smooth Wax Bar last month (there’s also an incentive for you to try them out as well – keep reading!).

The wax bar which opened shop in Liberty Village (110 Atlantic Avenue), invited me to stop by and try out a waxing service of my choice to get the full client experience. I chose to get the Modest Brazilian.

Before my appointment started, I was able to get introduced to a few of the products that Smooth Wax Bar sells like Pfb VanishBillion Dollar Brows, Merben Body Brushes, i love my muff, as well as LOVEFRESH (one of my personal favourites!).




I met my waxologist soon after my product tour and was ready to begin my service!


Post-wax, I have to say, it was a great experience from start to finish! My waxologist was not only knowledgeable about the products she was using, but also kept me calm throughout the whole process. Before I knew it, the service was over!

It’s good to note and know that Smooth imports and uses three specially formulated hard and soft waxes made for sensitive skin.

Now, usually before a wax  I have to prepare myself (mentally & physically). And Smooth Wax Bar has some great tips to keep in mind pre & post-wax service (especially for bikini waxes):


  1. Relax – there is really nothing to be afraid of. The atmosphere along with the Waxologists at Smooth Wax Bar are enough to keep clients at ease.
  2. Take a warm shower – this should help to open pores.
  3. Take an ibuprofen or aspirin – if you feel like you have a low pain tolerance, this may help with the process.
  4. Try a numbing cream – Smooth Wax Bar sells numbing cream products that can be applied 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment.
  5. Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages before your appointment!


  1. Stay Cool – avoid exposing the area to heat for at least 24 hours.
  2. Stay Clean – try to stay away from applying any heavy creams, gels or oils your freshly waxed area for at least 24 hours.
  3. image

  4. Take Care – exfoliate! This will help to keep the skin smooth and free from ingrown hairs!
  5. Don’t Shave In-between Appointments – While it may be tempting, patience is definitely a virtue. Wait until your next appointment (anywhere from 3-4 weeks after your previous appointment) to have your waxologist take care of you!

Now, if you’re in need of a wax service, Smooth Wax Bar has you covered!

For my readers located in Toronto,ON., Smooth Wax Bar is offering 25% off services at Smooth until April 2016 by using the promo code ‘camerasandclutches‘!


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