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Toronto Fashion Week Street Style – Day Two

Fashion week always seems longer than it is. Which is definitely not a bad thing. For me, it usually entails spending maybe five to six hours at the tents, attending shows (first & foremost), taking photos, socializing (of course), networking, working in the media lounge,  etc.

It doesn’t even feel like only two days have gone by and that we are now in the third day! Starbucks run please (I’m already exhausted!).  But now that I’m into taking street style photos, I just can’t stop!

In any case, I noticed a few things while standing outside the tents yesterday: coats are cool, mustard-yellow is “in” (because that jacket though!), and quite a few people were rocking black suede knee-high boots. Understandably too, it was cold!

As beautiful as the weather was yesterday though, temperatures dropped fast. Luckily I was layered up – my sweater definitely helped. But it has me asking myself, dress for the weather? Or, dress for fashion?

We shall see.

On to day three!

Click on an image below to see the entire gallery:

*Photo Credit: Élana Camille* With the exception of my outfit pictures.

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