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Scotiabank Photography Award Event: Beyond the Frame

Before I was an illustrator, I was a photographer.

Not a professional photographer mind you, it was purely for my own amusement, but it was my main artistic love. It was a way for me to capture the beauty in everything that I came across. And the sky was the limit! Whether it was the beautiful beaches of Barbados, athletes in motion (or not), food, and of course my beautiful birthplace – Toronto, I wanted to capture it all.

And after my accident, well, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. But slowly, I have been getting back into things – blogging & photography included.

1910636_503979571794_7356_n (1) Beach in Barbados (2007)

207314_502828039474_8627_n Zambia National Soccer Team in Richmond, B.C. (2007)


227198_503634159004_4184_nToronto skyline (2007)

In any case, I love to see what other photographers are up to and it serves as a huge point of inspiration for me.

The other night I was invited to the Scotiabank Photography Award launch event: Beyond the Frame. The event was to celebrate the award’s three finalists, Suzy Lake, Jayce Salloum and Pascal Grandmaison. The Scotiabank Photography Award, founded in 2010, honours one mid-career photo-based artist every year. Finalists are peer-nominated and peer-reviewed and the winner of the award will be announced on May 3. To get recognition from your own peers like this is huge!

If you wanted to see the work of the three finalists yourself, head to Queen Street West and McCaul Street and look up. Seriously!

The work of the finalists is being projected directly onto the Scotiabank located there. And in the evenings until May 3, everyone in the area will be able to experience the finalists’ artwork!

So if you’re in the area tonight – don’t forget to check out this cool installation!

BeyondTheFrameEvent16_largeBeyondTheFrameEvent13_LargeAssembly, Jayce SalloumFake Imagery of a World Upside Down, Pascal Grandmaison

Photo Credits:
Feature Image via Mauricio J Calero
Scotiabank Photo Exhibit Photos via Edelman

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