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The Toronto by Nadia Lloyd Collection

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Wear your heart on your sleeve? What about your city?

One Toronto-based artist is showing some serious love for her city with her latest collection.

Toronto by Nadia Lloyd” features clothing & merchandise all adorned with the city’s skyline and its famous landmark – the CN Tower.

Lloyd, a self-taught artist, who is also the creator of Toronto Art Crawl, was inspired by her surroundings and this is what led to the creation of the collection (her second in fact).

I’m also a self-taught artist, and it’s great to see when an artist devises unique and creative ways to share their art – as Lloyd did with this collection. Talk about inspiration!


toronto-by-nadia-lloyd_cushion toronto-by-nadia-lloyd_beanie toronto-by-nadia-lloyd_case

“Toronto is a bold and sexy city, and there is so much to be inspired by,” says Lloyd. “I wanted to create a collection that blurs the line between art and function in a wearable, comfortable, and accessible way.”

Look for clothes like skirts, leggings, accessories like scarves, and items for your home, like pillows, duvet covers and more in the collection which launched earlier this year.

The collection is available for purchase directly from Nadia Lloyd’s site:

Jacket with Scarf, ScarfÉlana Camille
Toque, Pillow, Phone Case – Nadia Lloyd

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