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Looklet – S/S Trends 2011 – Colour Block

I love wearing colour!! Love it! So you can understand why this season’s Colour Blocking trend is one of my top favourites! For this look I didn’t hold back using colour! The Zara shoes have a touch of turquoise on the heel that matches the belt. And I used the monochromatic tights to break up the outfit a bit, and I think that it pulled the look together! And of course a little bling didn’t hurt anyone! The necklace is a great finishing piece that added a little “something-something” to the outfit!

Real World Runway: Polka-Dot Dancing

I didn’t notice until I did a major overhaul of my wardrobe (i.e. giveaway & donate a portion of my wardrobe and organize the rest of it) – how obsessed I was with Joe Fresh clothing. I found a bag, some shirts, pants, shoes…I love Joe Fresh. (I love Joe Fresh so much … that I just remembered I did a post and featured a pair of pants that I had bought from the brand as well!) Not only is the line affordable (which everyone knows by now), but the clothes are chic and cool. It’s not hard for me to justify buying clothing from the brand, because for me the fit is right & so is the price. So today I found myself visiting one of the Joe Fresh Studio locations and I happened to pick up this lovely dress for only …(drumroll please…..) $22. And that was with tax! Give or take a few cents of course. I found a picture, but the dress I bought was in black with white polka dots. …