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The Moto Jacket

When winter isn’t quite over yet, and Spring is just around the corner – the Moto Jacket is the perfect go-to outerwear piece.
I took advantage of this “warm(er) weather” that we had in Toronto today (apparently it won’t last). I’ve been layering my clothes less (ie. not wearing 2-3 tanks under my tops), I stopped wearing boots as frequently as I was in previous months, and I don’t feel the need to bring out my toque or earmuffs as often as I did.
But when you can’t leave the house without a jacket (I’m crazy, but not that crazy), and your bulky winter jacket just won’t do – that’s where my Moto Jacket comes in handy.
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I love that it has a stylish, structured look. The quilted detailing also gives it that ‘something extra’, and it’s warm!
I also recently saw a floral pattern version that I wanted to try on for a different look!
Is a Moto Jacket one of your Spring wardrobe must-haves?
The Moto Jacket


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