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Bag Rehab, 12-step programs & the stash

One fine summer’s day in 2009, I saw this fabulous bag. The Rachel Roy Graffiti tote. It was love at first sight. I needed to have that bag. I wanted it, but sadly & happily it was not until January of last year (2010) that I actually found the bag (through eBay) and had the chance to purchase it. **And I say sadly because it took so long to find & purchase it**

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It was after this bag that I made the sad, sad, decision to enter what I like to call: Bag Rehab.

It’s gotten to the point where in my room there are two big plastic bins full of my bags, on the floor shelf of my wardrobe there are bags, hanging off my chair more bags, and finally two shelving units where there are bags that fill the bottom shelves.

I think I’ve out-bagged myself. Don’t you?

I was doing so well last year with my bag re-hab. I passed by many stores, and sales of bags. Beautiful leather, shiny pleather & delicate fabrics and materials. Clutches, totes, satchels, you name it. I passed them by.

But then… as is custom for me, I wanted to buy a bag for my birthday. So, at the end of September I heard of the wonderful partnership between Holt Renfrew and Marc Jacobs. I HAD TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE TOTES.

I waited patiently until I could reserve one. And before you know it, they were sold-out.

I was lucky – I got white one. But was tempted to buy two (thinking back now I really should have!), the pink or the black one really looked tempting.

Since the Marc Jacobs tote, I’ve bought a teeny, tiny little Guess Clutch, and a Coach bag – to justify it, they were all for my birthday.

But with over 70 bags and counting. I think I’m going to slow down for the new year. Maybe. I’m still waiting to get my hands on a Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Bag.

But for now – it’s back to bag-rehab for this bag lady!

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