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Lovin’ Lanvin for H&M

Je t’aime Lavin….. I really do.

On Saturday November 20th, the Lanvin for H&M collaboration was launched, sending thousands of fashion-hungry shoppers through the doors of their local H&M stores. The collection that had been anticipated since it was revealed a couple months ago definitely did not disappoint!!

At Yorkdale Shopping Centre, loyal & dedicated fashionistas, and fashionist-os, started to line up the day before (some started Friday at 7p.m.!!) to be one of the first group of shoppers allowed into H&M to purchase their pieces from the collection.

The party collection for the ladies had skirts, dresses, accessories like necklaces & leopard-print clutches, and let’s not forget the shoes! All were within the price range of $20 to $200. For the men there were also shoes, the coveted Lanvin sunglasses, shirts, suits, blazers and the ultra-cool bowties (that can also work as headband ladies!)

I started my day at 2:00am on the Saturday, attempting to catch a few hours of sleep before I had to lineup at Yorkdale and before my fashion-fever set in!

The first 320 shoppers were divided into 16 groups of 20. Each with a specific time to shop in the designated area. Unfortunately I got an 11:00am bracelet by the time I arrived at the shopping centre, but regardless it was an experience I will never forget!

2:06am Nov.20th. @Bryanboy posts on Twitter wondering if he should join the queue for the Lanvin for H&M collab. In NY.  I suggested that he do so.  I also stated that I was leaving in 3 hours to go line up myself.

20minutes later I fell asleep, only to wake up at 4:30am. Two hours of sleep!! Yikes!

5:10am – Getting ready to leave to line up in #Toronto at #Yorkdale for the #Lanvin collection at #H&M!!
I got onto the subway…the first train that was running for the day. That was definitely a first for me!
When I arrived at Yorkdale there was a girl in high wedge heels who sprinted from the Yorkdale Subway Station. I didn’t think it was for the shopping event at first. But lo & behold, I was wrong. She ran all that way, in heels.  Impressive.

7:23am – Timothy’s was providing coffee for those waiting in line!  This was a really nice gesture!! After all, you need some fuel when you have a passion for fashion!

7:26am –@hmcanada @yorkdalestyle waiting in line for #lanvin.

7:27am  there are so many people in line!!!

7:28am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle #lanvin men’s collection has a small lineup going as well

7:44am@hmcanada @yorkdalestyle people are still lining up #yorkdale #lanvin

7:45am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle honestly there are some really fabulously dressed people in line! #Lanvin #yorkdale Staff & customers look fab, considering it’s so early in the morning!!

7:49am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle there are rules to shop?!

7:51am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle I don’t think there are 320 people in line….Still time to get some more bracelets??7:52am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle first group just went in!!!!

7:52am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle they ran up the escalator real fast!!!

7:53am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle I wonder if they’re going crazy up there? Riot anyone? Lol.

7:54am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle no sign yet of any purchases made… Do I hear yelling?? Cheering maybe??

7:55am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle the two #yorkdale winners were the first ones allowed in sweet!  7:55am @hmcanada@yorkdalestyle next group is running in!!

7:56am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle those lining up for the men’s collection have to wait a little bit longer

7:57am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle people are not too happy about lining up for men…

7:57am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle I think a couple more people came

7:58am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle H&M staff  and security are doing a  great job of keeping the crowd under control

7:59am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle third group will go up shortly…. I think I heard right. Things are moving fast

8:03am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle men’s collection ran in!!! FAST!!! WOW
It was a small group of people, but WOW, did they ever make an impact running in there.

8:04am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle I think people are just buying the first thing they get their hands on!!!!  8:04am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle they’re letting SO MANY people up!!!!

8:07am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle the store is now open. So anyone can go up and in but they still have to wait for their time

8:10am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle people are walking around with piles of  items #lanvin8:13am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle people are in the store… Probably watching the items… That’s torture

Such torture! I didn’t understand why they were all gathered up on the 2nd level. Watching the items that they wanted be taken away. And then to not have anything left when it was their turn to shop…like I said, torture. 8:15am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle first shopper coming out!!

8:16am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle first shopper bought lots of shoes, the purple off shoulder dress, the black ruffle, earrings

8:16am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle she also got a free scarf…. !!

So apparently the first 100 shoppers received a free Lanvin silk scarf. I was probably…200 deep into the line. Next time?

8:17am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle going to check out the upstairs…. I think there are 200 people up there

8:18am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle is there breathing room up here!?

8:20am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle people have tons and tons of bags !!!
I’m in shock at this point. People are walking around with SO MANY SHOPPING BAGS. The collection is moving fast, soon there will be nothing left!

8:29am – Men’s collection definitely gone!!

8:34am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle  wonder what its like at other h&m’s?? #lanvin
Ok apparently Eaton Centre still had items at this point. Guess there wasn’t as big a lineup there? No mention about the Bloor St. location at all.

8:46am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle wow there are really so many people…

8:48am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle there are still some dresses left but people are buying everything…
All the top styles were gone. The ruffle dresses, the bags, shoes.

8:49am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle they count down when you are in the “area”

8:54am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle they say they will be selling the display window items Monday…. Hmm

8:57am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle check the store tomorrow and the next day for returns…

9:03am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle just saw someone put down some of the $5 #lanvin totes grabbed them!!!
Everyone was walking around with these really cute tote bags with a cool Lanvin print on the front. I thought to myself, if I couldn’t get an actual clutch this would do. Lucky for me a gentleman put down two of them, and I snatched them up right away!  One for me & one for my friend!

9:04am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle also found a men’s shirt will probably buy it!

9:07am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle so there are only a FEW boxes left in the women’s area….. and my time hasn’t even come up!!!

By 9:26am @hmcanada @yorkdalestyle everything is gone….

So there you have it. Sure there were A LOT of unhappy customers. Myself, not included! Thanks to one who shall remained unnamed I got exactly what I wanted!

I did see one girl walk out of the store crying. Just saying. But all across North America it was the same scene, stores selling out in less than two hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yorkdale set a record. Will I be braving the lines, leaving my bed at insane hours of the morning again – just to shop? Definitely. Be….INSPIRED….….If you didn’t get a piece from Lanvin on the day it was available in stores, check back the stores during the week, even the week after. I’m almost certain there will be returns….in fact…I did see the red ruffle dress yesterday, Nov 24th. So you never know!
….Also, look for similar styles or colours, inspiration comes in many forms!

Bonne chance next time my dear shoppers!


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