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I got it in the bag ;)

OK. Those of you that know me, know that I have an extreme (& sometimes overboard) obsession with bags. Purses, bags, backpacks, messenger bags, satchles, clutches… you name it – I love it.

Well, it’s happened again. Yet another bag has caught my eye!! This L.A.M.B Nardozzi in Natural ($98).

LAMB Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B. Gwen Stefani, Gwen Stefani, celebrity

I first noticed it when I was walking by Stoneridge, and then again when I was purchasing somethings from the Little Burgundy website.

I want it! I have an obsession with totes. I think I have more tote bags than any other type of bag.

A girl can never have too many bags – or totes.

I’ve got this one in bag – I think!

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