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Real World Runway – Tintin

So yesterday I succumbed to a day of window shopping on the Friday. I just couldn’t help myself. I had the day to myself (which is rare) and decided to check out some places that I had never really…..let’s just say I hardly headed out into these areas.

I first wound up at Fairview Mall, then I decided to check out the Yonge-Eglinton area and finally I ended up at the Joe Fresh Studio located on St.Clair W.

I didn’t buy much – just three things, but my day wound up to be a shopping adventure. I let anything and everything inspire me – I read the subway map and said I want to go…. HERE. And went. It was fun, interesting & exhausting.

While at Fairview I stopped in at Forever 21. I think their location is the 2nd best that I’ve ever been to, the first being in a shopping centre just outside of Seattle. Anyways I walked around for a bit checking everything out, they have some cute tribal-print skirts that I MUST get into my wardrobe – and the one I wanted was only $18…(isn’t it cute?)

Anyways… I’m getting off-track! I was playing with the idea of the skirt and decided to walk around some more, picked up a pair of opaque tights ($6.50) and a great woven belt, but put them down shortly afterwards.

Then I came across the shoes… At the time I didn’t think of Tintin………………(but you’ll see why I thought about him shortly)

But my outfit just SCREAMED his name! So here are the shoes from Forever 21 ($33.80)

Then after travelling to Yonge-Eglinton and for some reason receiving a free Saturday Star paper & reading it (the business section mind you as it had a lot of articles on Fashion Week) and I came across an article about Joe Fresh.

It was at this point that I thought to myself – hey why not? Let me find the closet Joe Fresh store. So after a little research, I came across the Joe Fresh Studio on St.Clair and decide to give it a go see.

That’s where I found pants for my Tintin outfit (again at the time though I didn’t think of Tintin). These pants were a real steal! They were originally $39 and I bought them for $6.94 (they were from the F/W 2010 collection) so I bought another pair (different style of course!).

They don’t look like it but they hit my ankles and the wedge heels compliment the grey of the pant so nicely :). And they are a snug fit so they hug my curves!

And finally the piece de resistance – my trench that I bought last year from Old Navy.

( This is actually a newer style of the one that I had purchased)

Anyways – if I ever wear this clothing-combo again I’ll definitely take a picture of it.

When I had the whole outfit on, I thought of my favourite childhood cartoon character. His books & tv-show were amazing. When I mentioned this to my boyfriend he says “Yeah, even your hair is the girl-version of Tintin.”

– Don’t know how to respond to that one!

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