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Damn Heels! – Product Review (a staple for the holiday party circuit!)

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus..” and plenty of holiday parties too!!

‘Tis the season! And while I love to get dressed up as much as the next person for all those fantastic holiday parties, my poor feet won’t be too happy if I spend more than a few hours in my sky-high heels!

Back in October as I stumbled…and yes I mean stumbled (no alcohol needed or consumed mind you) my way out of the tents at World MasterCard Fashion Week, I thought to myself…I wish I could take off these damn heels!

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My own damn heels…

After about 11 hours of standing in one of my favourite pair of heels- I was ready to have a seat and stay seated. However there was the matter of how I was to get home….in pain or in pain?

But to the rescue came literally came: Damn Heels.

Their Holiday 2012 collection includes three colours – Gunmetal Glitz (the pair I have), Black Diamonds and Champagne Gold. They sell for $55 a pair and come in sizes 6-10. How great is it that the flats fold into a cute little clutch? It’s great for carrying around in your purse or just on its own!!
I’m all about a new bag or clutch!

And the pièce de résistance is this:… won’t have to carry around your heels for the rest of the night in your hands because the clutch turns into a tote! Holiday parties here I come!

Photo Credit: kaeru communications

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