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That’s So Clutch – Keeping Warm With An Infinity Scarf

Whether you like it or not, winter has arrived. But apparently someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that winter is actually supposed to start on December 21
As much as I rave on about how I love fall, autumn, winter – basically the colder months, I still never feel prepared when Jack Frost comes knocking at my door. By the way, the only reason that I do love these months is because of the fashions I get to wear. And an infinity scarf is one of them.
My current (and only) infinity scarf that I own is from ALDO (it’s from last year but still available!) and it keeps me so warm and toasty on those nippy days. You know the ones – where you have to walk down the street with your eyes closed because the coldest wind EVER is just beating at your face!
So, my infinity scarf is a functional, fashion-forward and cute piece…
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And here are a few stylish options from some of my favourite retailers:
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