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Captured On Camera: Chops & Changes

I have probably said this a thousand times and I will say it a thousand more times: The year that I turned 25 (in 2013 – on October 25th might I add) would be a year that would bring plenty of changes. I know most people expect change when they turn a quarter of century. They reflect on where they are at in life, where they want to be, who they want to be with, etc. etc. etc. Well that was exactly what happened to me. I moved, I changed jobs, my long-term relationship ended, I changed my eating habits (started eating breakfast that is), I started running (never thought that would happen), I went off to Europe by myself (not as scary as you think) and I cut my hair. Now I know what you’re probably thinking – ‘How cliché. She cut her hair after a breakup.‘ Well let me tell you something – I was not intending to cut my hair initially. It just happened. Seriously. About a month ago I visited the Anthony Passero …

Captured on Camera: Eurotrip Day 3 – Rome

My last full day in Rome was spent quite leisurely; which was completely fine by me! Before I left for my trip I was told that everything that I see during the day, I must see at night as well. The only place I managed to see at night was the Colosseum. Seeing it all lit up is so worth it! Earlier that day however, I was able to see a few more sights and places. I love Rome! I can’t wait to come back! It should be noted that the during my time in Rome, the heat was unreal (no wonder they don’t advise tourists to visit in August). I couldn’t handle the heat. I’ll admit it. And usually when this is the case, my hair turns into a giant frizzy mess. So why are my curls looking so nice in the Roman heat? It’s because my friends at Aveda Canada hooked me up with travel sized products from the be curly line! So thankful for that! And if you know me, you know how much I love Aveda products …

Curls on Camera – Twists

I attended a great event this past Saturday night called Curls, Coils and Cocktails. I always get so jealous when I see events being held all over the world for my fellow naturalistas, and yet in Toronto, there is hardly anything for us girls with curls! The curls had to be worn out for this event, naturally . In any case, I had a lot of fun and even met a possible new hairstylist – because…I actually don’t remember the last time I got a haircut. Maybe it was November?..I can’t remember. I also won a prize! Two pairs of earrings designed by Toni Daley. I can’t wait to wear them! Read more about the event and see what happened to my hair!